Superclub 3M Cavilon Barrier Film Pump Spray, 28 ml:Superclub
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3M Cavilon Barrier Film Pump Spray, 28 ml:Superclub

3M Cavilon
3M Cavilon Published in September 23, 2018, 2:57 pm
 3M Cavilon Barrier Film Pump Spray, 28 ml:Superclub

3M Cavilon Barrier Film Pump Spray, 28 ml:Superclub

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OL Reply to on 26 November 2015
There is no better product for the prevention of pressure sores to vulnerable areas of skin. I had to buy it because the district nurses were unable to supply it in the quantities we needed for my wife's well-being, but once the community palliative care team realised what the carers and I were achieving they didn't hesitate to prescribe it directly.
Mr Justice
Mr Justice Reply to on 29 September 2017
Its a really good effective protective spray. Doesn't last 24 hours for me, only about 8 perhaps because of friction on the uncomfortable pads I have to wear all because of a blundering surgeon. But that's another matter
PK Reply to on 30 April 2018
My elderly father had broken skin on his bottom which I didn't want to turn into a full blown pressure sore I knew Cavilon was good as I had used it before and within a few days this barrier film had worked its magic is an amazing product and it works !Only use sparingly though to avoid build up .
Deborah culpin
Deborah culpin Reply to on 20 February 2015
Excellent product to use when you have a stoma. Protects the skin and also makes a good foundation for the adhesive colostomy bags to adhere to
Chirpy Reply to on 8 January 2018
Useful stuff especailly in hot weather. Easier to get it like this than go to a chemist. Fast delivery..
Mrs L
Mrs L Reply to on 28 April 2018
I noticed the District Nurse used this when dressing a wound. Now I keep it in first aid box. Excellent to protecting wounds
MANTISSA Reply to on 31 July 2018
Very useful method of applying the cream. Excellent product. Highly recommended.
eliza Reply to on 4 December 2017
The best product to stop wound get bigger. Proper good secure guard, highly recommended.
Robbo Reply to on 22 March 2018
Stopped irritation from adhesive medical device but as colouless, difficult to see where it had been sprayed
Nik Reply to on 17 September 2013
Does what it says, cleared up a persistent skin problem that needed appropriate barrier application. Aiming the spray is a bit tricky, so only 4 stars. I'd give it 4 ½ if I could.
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