Superclub Flecked Twist Pile Carpet Roll, Hardwearing Felt Backing (4m x 4m (13ft 1" x 13ft 1"), Grey):Superclub
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Flecked Twist Pile Carpet Roll, Hardwearing Felt Backing (4m x 4m (13ft 1" x 13ft 1"), Grey):Superclub

247Floors Published in October 16, 2018, 3:14 pm
 Flecked Twist Pile Carpet Roll, Hardwearing Felt Backing (4m x 4m (13ft 1" x 13ft 1"), Grey):Superclub

Flecked Twist Pile Carpet Roll, Hardwearing Felt Backing (4m x 4m (13ft 1" x 13ft 1"), Grey):Superclub

Price:£79.84+ Free shipping

J. C. Barnes
J. C. Barnes Reply to on 4 May 2017
Item arrived early on the quoted delivery day. The delivert driver was helpful and pleasant. The item was of reasonable quality for the price paid and was easy to lay for me at the age of 86. What's nòt to like? Nothing
Me Reply to on 12 December 2017
I spent less than £70 on a 4x3.5m carpet and wasn't sure what to expect but it is good quality for the price. Be aware it arrives in a roll with a solid cardboard tube in the middle so won't bend. The delivery driver could not get it round the corner of the stairs to my flat so I had to unwrap and unroll it to get it in. I also found the side edges slightly frayed and as my room measures 3.99m I do have a (barely noticeable) rough edge on one side of the room, but I wanted cheap and cheerful and that's what I got.
danceswithcats Reply to on 29 June 2017
Colour and quality are as described, reasonable price, good product delivered in good time and in good condition, easy to cut and lay; Due to the size and shape of the room I was carpeting I was obliged to order a larger piece than I needed, but the off-cuts were sufficient to replace a tired old carpet on my landing and, edged with a bit of duck tape, made a useful mat and a runner for elsewhere in the house, so minimal waste. Brilliant!
applepip Reply to on 18 November 2017
love this carpet,quick delivery and delivery men were polite,received email before delivery,i fitted the carpet easily and the household are loving the soft feel beneath their feet,when you et responses of "oh mam this feels sooooo good" you know you have chose right and done a great job
Freddy Reply to on 12 January 2018
Love the colour of this carpet and it arrived quickly, however, there are some faults in the weaving,which is why I haven't given this 5 stars.
James Volland
James Volland Reply to on 1 October 2017
Easy to lay and cut; didn't shred on the carpet grippers. Used with a 9mm underfelt and is soft and warm under the foot.

At the price paid, you can't beat it. Cat likes it too, so it must be good
eljefeb90 Reply to on 22 May 2017
Easy to lay. Good colour and soft underfoot with 12mm underlay. Take care not to bend roll as this can damage carpet because it comes with a very thick internal tube and bending can warp the carpet round the tube.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 24 October 2017
love it hard wearing and thick. definitely going to order this again. carpet fitter was impressed with the quality of it and the 10mm underlay from 247 floors thick and good quality would recommend this carpet and there underlay, superb
Mummyof1 Reply to on 8 April 2017
Came early ! Wow looks good well packaged ,,, looks good down,, you will need underlay if it's going to be used in a well used room! Hoovered well x !
Miss N John
Miss N John Reply to on 7 December 2016
Delivered on time and packed well. Slightly darker than I thought it would be. It is more on a beige side than a cream I felt. It is flecked. However, this doesn't matter to me as it goes better with my colour scheme which I have my bedroom so very happy. I will be ordering again to do my child's bedroom.
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