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Inside-Limbo Double Pack (PS4):Superclub

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505 Games Published in September 23, 2018, 2:20 pm
 Inside-Limbo Double Pack (PS4):Superclub

Inside-Limbo Double Pack (PS4):Superclub

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raven_guest Reply to on 19 September 2017
Bought as a gift for the other half. He's very, very picky about games, but he's been raving about these. Look beautiful and the visual style is really something special. I don't think they're very long as my partner finished the first in a few hours, but he does tend to get through games ridiculously quickly.
G. N. Farnell
G. N. Farnell Reply to on 31 January 2018
Tough game,s but if it wasn't you would loose interest! quite simple game play and even more simple graphics quite dark but with inside you get to control zombies which is cool! And fun too! (There are walk throughs on the game online if you get stuck or not sure what to-do) watch out for the dogs there fast and deadly!
With limbo you walk through a forest area also quite dark and simple graphics move traps to help along the way but watch out for water and traps as there both killers and the spiders.... rated 18 but should be no more than 15 and maybe 12 there's jumps along the way in both games
emma_b_13 Reply to on 17 December 2017
Great games, very well made. Super fun to play if you like a bit of psychological horror!
Garry Abbott
Garry Abbott Reply to on 8 January 2018
Both games are in my Top 5 list, and to have them in a bundle like this is amazing value for money. Both are visually stunning, are extremely addictive, and whilst neither are a walk-in-the-park all of the difficulty spikes can be overcome with a fair amount of practice and a degree of forethought. 10/10
Itchy Jack
Itchy Jack Reply to on 28 November 2017
Completed inside what an amazing game great graphics great sound edge of your seat stuff. A real challenge for you brain 10/10 all day long
Paul Reply to on 2 May 2018
Very short so ive dropped a star. Very weird and different but visually excellent and I have to say I really enjoyed it.
Dave Reply to on 28 October 2017
very interesting puzzles.. it can be done, 2D platform game(s) for the price it was very good
george baczkowski
george baczkowski Reply to on 6 March 2018
great game best one I have seen in a long time since the lost files in super Mario.
Lucius Reply to on 30 January 2018
These games are not to be missed! They are amazing!
bal of balham
bal of balham Reply to on 27 December 2017
my granddaughter did anyway
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