Superclub Fablon 67.5 cm x 2 m Roll Mondrian Self Adhesive Window Film:Superclub
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Fablon 67.5 cm x 2 m Roll Mondrian Self Adhesive Window Film:Superclub

Fablon Published in October 16, 2018, 2:19 pm
 Fablon 67.5 cm x 2 m Roll Mondrian Self Adhesive Window Film:Superclub

Fablon 67.5 cm x 2 m Roll Mondrian Self Adhesive Window Film:Superclub

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SugarSpunSister Reply to on 17 January 2017
After installing this film on one front door and three top casement windows, I feel qualified to share my thoughts! The Mondrian effect is really nice and lets a good deal of light through whilst adding semi-privacy and a pretty decorative effect. Despite the instructions, I found that this applied just as easily on a dry window as one that had been sprayed down with water. Just take your time, leave an inch all round for trimming with a sharp craft knife and keep a credit/debit card handy for smoothing down the surface as you go. If you do get an air bubble, leave it for 24hrs before fiddling as some seem to vanish overnight. Any others can be dealt with by a sharp prick from a needle.
Shona D.
Shona D. Reply to on 22 March 2017
I brought this for the glass on my back door and its really nice. The reflections when the sun shines on it are really nice too. Pretty easy to apply, just make sure the window is clean before you apply it. I cut to exact size then started at the top and smoothed out out with a bank card. I also popped some air bubbles with a pin to let the air out, I used a sewing needle to pop the bubbles as you don't see the hole afterwards.
carole mclean
carole mclean Reply to on 13 March 2016
This was really nice on my glass doors. But make sure you spray a mixture of washing up liquid with water and spray glass before fixing makes it easier to get smooth out bubbles
Ruth Reply to on 6 August 2016
about to buy my third roll of this. Its brilliant and covers the windows that I need covering excellently. Easy to put on, and actually easy to take off. (I made an error) peeled off like a charm. As the sun goes down, the colours dance on my walls. I have one more window to cover but only have bits and pieces left so need more. Very modern, and the room does not lose light.
G. Pea
G. Pea Reply to on 23 May 2018
Love this.I have put it on my glass table in the garden and lots of people have said how nice it looks .Colours are nice and bright and the back is very sticky so be careful when placing it .You could pull it up a little if you have lots of bubbles but go slowly and use a credit card or similar to spread it out
712ShellyG Reply to on 24 March 2017
Lovely product. Used this on the skylight above my front door as I noticed the sun streams through it and thought it would look nice - it does! Product is easy to use and goes on without too much faffing about.
Emma Reply to on 21 December 2017
A little bit fiddly. But once you've got the hang of it. It's easy. Looks absolutely stunning. Some people have asked if it's really stained glass.
Jacklyn Reply to on 22 January 2018
Very good quality. I’ve used it for the top of my windows. Gives good privacy and looks good.
irene Reply to on 22 December 2017
Great colours just what I wanted.
P.D.O'Hare Reply to on 23 May 2018
as described
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