Superclub New Horrizon Black Anti-slip Comfort Mouse Pad Mat with Gel Foam Rest Wrist Support (Retail Packing):Superclub
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New Horrizon Black Anti-slip Comfort Mouse Pad Mat with Gel Foam Rest Wrist Support (Retail Packing):Superclub

New Horrizon
New Horrizon Published in October 16, 2018, 2:44 pm
 New Horrizon Black Anti-slip Comfort Mouse Pad Mat with Gel Foam Rest Wrist Support (Retail Packing):Superclub

New Horrizon Black Anti-slip Comfort Mouse Pad Mat with Gel Foam Rest Wrist Support (Retail Packing):Superclub

Price:£2.98+ Free shipping

JimF Reply to on 12 April 2015
The mouse mat doesnt even sit flat, which renders it completely useless. Ive placed it under my printer for two days straight in the hope it might flatten it out, but no joy :( now just sits in the drawer.
DO NOT BUY THIS MOUSE MAT - Spend a little more money and buy one that is stuck to a rigid base!!!
Kronk Reply to on 7 March 2017
This is made from a decent fabric and It's easy to clean underneath where the rubbery surface provides good adhesion to the desk. Once the heel of the hand is on the 'pad' it's not possible for the mouse to move off the mat unless you have 7" long fingers (i.e. not human) so I don't understand people who say the mat is too small - simply it isn't unless you lift your hand off the pad which defeats the object of the 'comfort' element somewhat. I use my laptop screen as a primary with an 'extended' desktop 24" monitor on a stand above it and I have no problems moving the pointer from top to bottom and side to side without moving my mouse off the mat (it's a standard sized mouse as well, not a mini).
The only thing I do find is that keeping my hand 'heel' on the pad is not always the easiest of things to do unless you are constantly conscious of your hand movement. I find that my hand tends to move gravitate forward and my wrist sits on the pad until I notice it's cutting off the blood and my hand is going numb! I imagine that's not a fault of this mat in particular but any pad I use and you might not have the same problem.
Archie Reply to on 12 July 2017
So its pretty basic, and a little bit flimsy, but what do you expect for the very low price? It does the job. It comes with a plastic backing which you need to remove, and then it kind of 'sticks' to my wooden desk, which suits me since it stops it from moving. I have only had it a couple of weeks when I wrote this review, but it is still working fine. Even if it only lasts 6 months, it will have been worth it for the price I paid.
So its now September (3 months on). Unfortunately it is now in the bin. The slightly sticky Anti-slip Mouse Pad started slipping. When i moved the mouse, the pad started to move with me. Well it was cheap, and it lasted around three months, so I guess its true what they say - If you want quality you have to pay for it.
Jegethy Reply to on 10 July 2017
This is quite possibly the worst product I have ever purchased from Amazon.

I bought it to replace my old mouse pad and as soon as it was dropped through the letterbox I could tell they were vastly different. Firstly, this one curves up at the sides due to poor construction which makes using it near impossible.

Secondly, if I do attempt to use it, the "comfort gel" wrist rest feels absolutely solid. It left me with pins and needles in my hand after only 30 minutes use and then went directly in the bin.

If I could I would give this a negative rating, not 1 star! Avoid this product at all costs!
AlvinMac Reply to on 3 May 2017
The reason for 1 star here is that the mat is too small for me, and therefore useless. I made the mistake of buying two (1 for each of my favourite laptop spots). I measure the mat as 23 x 19cm, which I accept is only marginally less than in the description.
I attach a photo of it side-by-side with my old mat for comparison purposes. The old one measures 26 x 23 cm, and it has a better shape (for me). I continue to use the old mat in preference, and these new mats are useless to me.
But I can't seem to find a new equivalent of the old mats (at 26 x 23 cm or so). I bought it on eBay about 6 years ago. Can anyone advise me where I can get this again??
Queen of the South
Queen of the South Reply to on 10 January 2016
I have a hard ridge along the edge of my bedside table, so using a mouse is uncomfortable for me, as my underwrist and arm has to rest on the edge. I could just use the computer's track-pad and use my fingers to navigate, however, I much prefer a mouse and mouse mat as I find it is quicker. I no longer have any discomfort can now that I am using this mat on the table, as my underwrist/arm rest comfortably on the padded cushion of the mat. I've knocked off one star as it could do with being a bit larger, as the space you have to move the mouse around is smaller than on a standard mouse mat because of the curved design and the incorporation of the cushion, so sometimes you run out of space. However, I put up with this as it is so much more comfortable than using the traditional flat mat on my table, or using the computer's track pad.
Andy Walker
Andy Walker Reply to on 15 December 2016
The gel bit is so thick and solid that, while it cured one set of wrist problems, it actually ended up causing a different issue issue due to my wrist being unnaturally elevated. By contrast, the memory foam wrist rest I use on my keyboard is perfect - it squishes down a bit when you're resting on it.

In the end, the wrist rest for this burst (with no obvious cause) after six months, leaving my desk all sticky. Amusingly, with half of the gel gone, the wrist rest is now at the perfect height!
Nikolette Legian
Nikolette Legian Reply to on 31 December 2017
Amazing and really comfy mouse pad. I was planning to order one for more than a year now, but since I started to work from home I decided to give it a go and order one. I checked cheap and high-end mouse pads in stores, tried to figure out if I really have to spend a lot on one. Since I don't have that much money to spend, I thought I will give a go to this one, but I had concerns because it is really cheap.
I am using it for photo editing, so I have to lay my wrist on for such a long time, but I'll be honest that is just the perfect thing, which I was after for such a long time. Def. would buy it again.
Mr. Robert Farnsworth
Mr. Robert Farnsworth Reply to on 22 July 2017
This is the 2nd one that I have purchased, the first being in June 2015 so that has lasted me for 2yrs, the reason for a replacement is that the gel started to work it's way through the seam, so for the price I would say good value for money and it has been used almost every day since purchased, I find it easy to clean and the underneath grips the table well where the rubbery surface provides good adhesion to the desk.
I have fairly large hands and find the 'Pad' a good size, of which my mouse never has to leave the pad. I would certainly recommend them.
Allan Stewart
Allan Stewart Reply to on 10 September 2018
I am delighted with this mouse mat. I have osteoarthritis which causes difficulties with my right hand - I find the pad on more recent computers practically impossible to use and have need of a mouse. Using a conventional (wireless) mouse is best but this pad gives me much needed wrist support with the gel wrist pad. It is of a nice, compact size and is genuinely nonslip on the base with a fabric upper cover that is perfect for the mouse. It is exactly what I was looking for and I was so pleased with it that I bought another for use with my laptop. I thoroughly recommend it.
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