Superclub Customer reviews Regina Blitz Household Towels - Pack of 4, Total 8:Superclub
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Customer reviews Regina Blitz Household Towels - Pack of 4, Total 8:Superclub

Regina Published in October 16, 2018, 2:19 pm
Customer reviews Regina Blitz Household Towels - Pack of 4, Total 8:Superclub

Customer reviews Regina Blitz Household Towels - Pack of 4, Total 8:Superclub

Price:£12.00+ Free shipping with Cnsrd Prime

maggie Reply to on 7 December 2017
These are an excellent kitchen towel - around 70 large, strong sheets per roll, this order came as a bundle of 4 x twin packs, so worth keeping an eye out for these when they're on offer. These feel like a hybrid of J cloth x kitchen roll - very absorbent and don't disintegrate.
They're stronger than Plenty.
Soft too, when scrunched up and make good all purpose cloths, not just for kitchen use - these are good enough for cleaning windows, blowing noses, dusting, wrapping round delicate items for storage (though not necessarily all from one sheet, in that order).
I keep an eye out for these for when the bundle price works out to around £1 per roll, because I have a thing about not shelling out a lot for kitchen towel as it just gets wasted in this house and at the moment the strong kitchen roll from Asda is working out a bit cheaper.
But I'd definitely buy this again.
Carl C
Carl C Reply to on 10 September 2017
This has to be the best Kitchen Roll ever made. I used to purchase one roll of it every now and then as it was only me that used it for when I was taking something apart or fixing something.

Then we ran out of our usual stuff one day and I caught the wife stealing some! When I asked her what she was doing she told me it was better than the usual stuff....even though I've told her loads of times to stop buying Plenty and what ever the other was called and get this instead. (Just goes to show how often the Wife listens to me)

The only downside of it is the actual size of the sheets. They're great for spills or cleaning up etc but sometimes or most of the time you would only need half a sheet.
Whitts Reply to on 6 March 2018
We have this set up on subscribe and save. We wouldn’t use anything else .
Not only can it be used for drying hands and wiping up spills , we find that it is the absolute best out there for windows , mirrors , shower doors.
I have never tried another product that leaves no smeers and that is a big help. I hate having to do a job twice and this ensures you don’t have to .
It is also the strongest roll we have tried no matter what other products claim in their TV advertisements.
We keep one is the kitchen and one in each bathroom to help cut down germs from towels , with this you can simply toss in the recycling bin .
Love it .
Rem Reply to on 16 November 2017
I used to absolutely love Blitz towels. It was thick and soaked up a lot of water with just 1 sheet. However, the latest order I placed (end of October), the ones we got are nowhere near as thick as the ones we received before. They are no different than the ones you get from a cheap corner shop. I am really disappointed and I hope they go back to their previous quality.
minisculity Reply to on 15 June 2017
Entirely the best kitchen roll I have ever used outside of the U.S.A Far, far better than anything advertised by a comedy matador! No need for expensive TV ads; this is honestly efficient kitchen roll.
We wouldn't be without it in this family.
What I really think
What I really think Reply to on 12 November 2017
The best household paper towel in my opinion - I buy then regularly via Amazon and the price is better than the supermarket when you buy in bulk. I recently couldn't get them on a Amazon Pantry order and I thought I would try the Fiesta one's but they were smaller and thinner so its back to my favourite triple layer 33cm x 26.5cm sheets. Recommend.
Mark Crook
Mark Crook Reply to on 19 June 2017
Great product, much better than cheap lightweight kitchen towel. Nice getting a bulk order delivered every now and again - easier than lugging ikt home from the supermarket, and it's cheaper from Amazon, too.
Hedge Reply to on 11 September 2017
Bulk buy due to decent price. Just love this kitchen roll. Strong and absorbent - use it for car/bike duties as well. Cheaper than garage specific wipes.
Alan Reply to on 17 September 2017
The Rolls Royce of kitchen rolls, the best, most are so thin and useless, More expensive than the cheap stuff obviously but its so much more value for money. Some say the sheets are too big, but I don't chuck my sheet till it's well wet, or rip it in half, better too big than too small. It's even thick enough to check the oil on your car!! Great Stuff.
olmangee Reply to on 28 March 2018
Much thicker than normal kitchen rolls. They mop up spills and clean out dirty pans ready for washing with ease. We naturally use them in the kitchen but also keep one in the bathroom for cleaning, and in the porch for keeping the pot plants tidy. They're also great for window cleaning. Excellent product and no dearer that far inferior examples when bought on subscribe and save.
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