Superclub Stepdown voltage converter (UK version) 240V - 120V 45W:Superclub
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Stepdown voltage converter (UK version) 240V - 120V 45W:Superclub

mercury Published in September 23, 2018, 2:31 pm
 Stepdown voltage converter (UK version) 240V - 120V 45W:Superclub

Stepdown voltage converter (UK version) 240V - 120V 45W:Superclub

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Dan N.
Dan N. Reply to on 24 June 2017
How is this even legal? After only 5 minutes, the product started making a very loud buzzing noise, so i unplugged, but after reading online that sometimes stepdown converters will make a slight buzzing sound, i decided to give it another go. 20 minutes in and the converter was smoking and to hot to handle! Had this have been on overnight who knows if id even be around to write this review. It is a huge fire hazard and i urge others to stay away from this product. Also the product i was using with this converter only had a 3.7 watt draw.
Paul wey
Paul wey Reply to on 31 March 2016
I accept everyone gets a bad product once in a while but am mystified how many have damaged equipment using this is product wrong or user?
All I can say mine has worked since mid February 2015 now April coming 2016

It's connected and on 24/7 using dvd and blu ray from USA

I did at first put it on a multi socket but I think that's top risky and decided to put it direct into one socket in my room

It's never failed and doesn't get particularly hot warm yes but not hot though yes it did when on multiple plug socket so be careful if getting very hot on low power devices as it should but I guess when nearer to 45w it will get hot

But advise always keep separate don't add to multi plug extension
Mr. A. Kerr
Mr. A. Kerr Reply to on 10 September 2017
These might as well be made of egg shells. The case work cracks without even touching it. The first one atomised within the week, and the other has just disintegrated after a few weeks, and will no longer work - even if I were brave/foolish enough to continue using it with all the internal workings clearly visible. I don't think I've ever come across such utter rubbish.
Mik Reply to on 4 August 2016
Does exactly as it should and steps down the voltage on low drain products. It is a solid, well-constructed unit and the slots for the US plug to go into are lovely and snug so anything plugged in, stays in, unlike some other units.

Do NOT attempt to use it on a high drain product as this may result in damage to the unit, the adaptor or a fire.
Tom006k Reply to on 25 July 2018
Unreliable. I bought one to allow me to charge my cordless drills from Canada in the UK. I got maybe 4 battery charges out of the first one before the converter died. It had worked fine, though, so I figured I'll just get another. This time I got 3 charges out of it before it died. I think it overheats when charging two batteries back-to-back.
Sharp_Shopper Reply to on 11 March 2018
The converter worked for 3 seconds and then let the 220 voltage through and that was it. My Nespresso coffee machine just burnt with the higher voltage and the whole kitchen is smelling like burnt plastic now. Do not buy this, it's rubbish!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 24 July 2017
This product is not safe a massive crack appeared below the pins along the casing and the whole thing was extremely hot to the touch so potentially a fire risk.
Nathan Reply to on 6 March 2018
It works.

If you have any American appliances that does not automatically convert down, you will need this.

It is heavy and bulky, but it works!
melanie cunningham
melanie cunningham Reply to on 13 March 2018
I read a lot of the faulty reviews, but as there were quite a few positives I thought I'd give it a try. It buzzed loudly as soon as I plugged it in, and this progressively got worse over the course of the day until it was VERY loud. I returned the item, got my replacement which seemed perfect, but after a few hours started smoking. Wasted my time having to organise two returns, wish I'd just bought an alternative in the first place.
S.Ellahi Reply to on 22 June 2018
Having blown our speaker which was imported from America but didn't realise it needed a step down converter, it was really reassuring to see that the second speaker we ordered was working perfectly with the converter.
Didn't really notice any sound when charging but more importantly does what it required to do so thumbs up.
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