Superclub pro elec 250 V 13 A 3 Way/Triple UK Mains 3 Pin Adapter Plug:Superclub
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pro elec 250 V 13 A 3 Way/Triple UK Mains 3 Pin Adapter Plug:Superclub

pro elec
pro elec Published in September 23, 2018, 2:13 pm
 pro elec 250 V 13 A 3 Way/Triple UK Mains 3 Pin Adapter Plug:Superclub

pro elec 250 V 13 A 3 Way/Triple UK Mains 3 Pin Adapter Plug:Superclub

Price:£4.40+ Free shipping (Addon item)

Ade Reply to on 12 May 2018
I use this behind the TV as i only have 1 double socket. So there's not enough plugs.

I thought this adapter may free up space and look tidy. However it's very difficult to plug in an remove standard UK plugs and especially adapters as the holes where it plugs in don't seem big enough and i had to use considerable force to get my plugs in.

You can only use this adapter if you have a main socket that protrudes from the wall and skirting board. If its a flush plug it won't plug in properly and sticks out at the skirting board level.

I'll be getting another 2 socket fitted ASAP.
Iveljay Reply to on 19 March 2018
Most of my electric sockets in my dining room are behind furniture. I need to use a table light and occasionally other low powered electric devices from a single outlet. Unfortunately some of these have plugs with the power lead coming out of the top of the plug which means a standard 3 way cube adaptor will not work.
This fits into the single socket with space to reach the switch and with the three sockets flush with the adaptor takes up minimal space.
An excellent solution to my problem.
Grumpypumpkin Reply to on 25 September 2016
Felt this was so cheap and nasty, I had an electrician check it before I used it. Had to really jiggle plugs to get them in properly. It works, the sparky says it's not going to spontaneously combust, but I will be having a proper twin socket fitted, and throwing this out ASAP.
Myarth Reply to on 8 June 2018
Work as intended. Unfortunately distance between main socket and tripple sockets is not enough big, therefore I was not able to put anything in other main socket.
alex neville
alex neville Reply to on 19 June 2018
Poor photo of the product does not show the shape as it sits against the socket. The lower section steps in a good 10mm, our wall sockets are not flush, but do not stick out from the wall enough for this to fit.
Do not buy unless you sockets are very prominent from the wall.
Olivia Smart
Olivia Smart Reply to on 4 December 2017
Perfect. Just what I needed. Looks much tidier than multi-extension cables. I put it behind the sofa to charge my phone, tablet, lamp and games console controller at once. Problem is, it hangs slightly off the wall (because of the location of the plug) so be careful it doesn't come loose over time.
Sang Reply to on 2 November 2017
The plug holes are very stiff. In fact I thought I broke the right hand socket when I had to use considerable force to put my plug in. I dare not try to unplug it. This needs to be looked at.
South Shields
South Shields Reply to on 17 June 2018
Exactly what I needed, very well made & light weight. Where I needed it for it is ideal but if the socket is on a skirting board it would be no good, socket needs to be at least 9inches from the floor so you can get the plugs in, The plugs are a very firm fit in the sockets which I believe is a very good safety feature. Delivery was next day.
GINGERFAIL Reply to on 19 December 2017
Very poorly made and sockets are too small
D. Wilson
D. Wilson Reply to on 26 November 2017
This is a great device for adding extra sockets without blocking the whole wall plug. The fit of plugs you add is tight which is good and the unit is discrete. The build quality is very good and I would recommend this unit. David Wilson
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